Monday, May 17, 2010

Silica Supplement for Hair Growth

Ok so I've always wanted really long hair but my hair grows excruciatingly slow and I started looking up what I could do to make it grow faster.
My search brought me to the Silica Colloidal Gel supplements.

The brand I saw the most of in the chemist is the one pictured. I've noticed they've since come out with more products and are working on some of the "problems" with the current ones.

I got the liquid one. It's exy... well if feels exy. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but I think somewhere between 20 and 30 dollars.

You have to keep it refrigerated.

So um what did I think of it?

Well for starters - I didn't take it long enough for it to ever have an effect.

Reasons I stopped drinking it (and stuff they have potentially since worked on):
- It has a disgusting texture. I think it's to do with the "colloidal" business. Something about it being in the liquid. I am one of those people who hates orange juice in pulp because of how it feels in my mouth and going down my throat. This feels like you are swalling chalky residue. Even when you put it with say cordial or something, you still get that weird texture. I couldn't stand it.
- It tastes weird
- I think it may have messed with some other medications I was taking? Don't quote me on that, but I like to be careful.

So I can't really give a good review of this product because I gave up on it almost immediately. I think it's still sitting in my fridge actually - but everytime I see it I kind of shudder.

Oh here's another example of the texture - it's like when you go to take a panadol but you don't swallow it quite right, and it starts to dissolve in your mouth in a kind of paste way. Really gross.

So silica gel. How about someone else tells ME if this works?

In the meantime, to solve the problem I originally started with - how to get my hair to grow faster? I just got over it and waited it out. 12 weekly haircuts instead of 6 weeks, and I used a lot of leave in's and such to maintain good health.
I'm still trying to grow it. I think I've just accepted that the length others can have in two years, will take me 5 to 6.
Lucky I'm not on Search for a Supermodel - cause I would be the chick that refuses to cut her hair for the show.


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  1. Do you perhaps have a housemate that can try it for you? Maybe they don't mind the texture of orange juice with pulp in ;)